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The Ionic Footbath


The Ionic Footbath is a relaxing and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the body. Over time toxic waste will accumulate in the body and prevent it from functioning to its full potential. Toxic waste comes from numerous sources, such as: a poor diet, processed food, tobacco smoke, alcohol, air pollution, pesticides and industrial pollutants. As a result of toxic build-up in the body, people may start to experience allergies, pain, fatigue, stress and other mental and physical symptoms.



A healthy functioning body requires an alkaline state in order to prevent diseases. The build-up of excess waste creates an acidic internal body environment, thus reducing the body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients, to heal itself and to prevent disease. Through a series of Ionic Footbath treatments the body will eliminate toxic build-up by drawing the impurities out thru the feet.



Clients have found results in numerous health areas:


¨ Reduction of skin problems (fungus, yeast, acne)

¨ Symptomatic relief from edema, gout, & swollen joints

¨ Reduction of headaches

¨ Reduction of inflammation

¨ Reduction of fluid retention

¨ Tension relief

¨ Stress reduction

¨ Reduction of menstrual cramps

¨ Increase of energy

¨ Increased oxygen levels

¨ Improvement of sleep

¨ Increased attention and focus

¨ Seasonal allergy relief

¨ Removal of toxins such as uric & lactic acids, heavy metals & chemicals 

The Ionic Footbath is an excellent device to help unblock and rebalance energy meridians as well as improve and maintain the overall functioning of the body. The Ionic Footbath is completely safe to use in conjunction with other health treatments/therapies. 


Note: This  is a health treatment intended to help improve and  maintain a healthy balance of the body and is not a cure  for disease.


How it works


The human body uses electrical impulses to function. Cells in the body produce Bio-Energy vibrational frequencies. When cells are functioning properly and are fully charged/balanced the body is able to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins, and produce oxygen in the cells enabling the body to heal itself. When the body is not functioning to its full potential, it is unable to remove yeast, parasites, chemicals or heavy metals. This can occur when the body is overcome by diseases which produce incompatible vibrational frequencies, creating imbalance of cells in the body. The ionic footbath is an excellent way to send vibrational frequencies that will help bring the cells back into balance.



The ionic footbath is an effect way to cleanse the body of toxins, through the use of negative and positive ions. An ion is a charged molecule that has gained or lost an electron. A magnetic field is produced, allowing the ion to attach to and neutralize oppositely charged particles. Most people’s bodies are in an acidic state, meaning that they have high concentrations of positively charged ions, such as those produced by toxic build up. When negatively charged molecules are introduced into the body they seek out positive ions and neutralize them. The neutralized particles are then released into the lymphatic system and out through thousands of pores on the feet; similar to the process of sweating. The production of negative ions helps to produce an alkaline state, bringing the body back into a healthy balance. When the body is in an alkaline state, disease forming cells are unable to survive.



The ionic footbath is a natural healing tool which helps cleanse the body internally, improve oxygenation and balance the chi energy field.  During an ionic cleansing treatment, clients will submerge their feet into the warm relaxing footbath. Nature’s Healthy Balance implements a custom detox setting providing our clients with a 35 minute detoxification, utilizing both negative and positive ions.


During the initial phase of the footbath, clients will see some colour in the water. This preliminary yellow/orange colouring is a natural reaction between the array, particles in the water (based on geographic location) and the saline (water/salt) solution. As the session proceeds and toxins are expunged from the body, there will be an increase in discolouration of the footbath water. At the conclusion of the session, approximately 60-80 percent of the colour in the footbath water is the result of elimination of toxins from the body. The amount of discolouration in the water will gradually decrease over the course of regular ionic cleanse sessions because there will be less toxic buildup in the body.


Since the Ionic Footbath works through a process using negative and positive ions, some valuable electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) are also pulled out during the session. At Nature’s Healthy Balance we make sure that our clients replenish and rehydrate by providing them with refreshing purified Quench water containing a blend of calcium, magnesium and 84 ionic aquatomic minerals. After the detox cycle is finished, clients are provided with warm rinse water and soothing lotion for their feet. Many clients report a feeling of lightness, improved energy and well-being after the ionic session. However, detoxification does not end immediately once the session is complete. Elimination of neutralized particles also occurs at the body’s own pace through the kidney, liver and skin.


Toxic build up in the body does not occur overnight, it accumulates over time. While one footbath may be beneficial, it will not remove all of the waste that has gathered.  At Nature’s Healthy Balance, we recommend that our clients fulfill a package of footbath sessions and then decrease to periodic treatments. No matter how health conscious a person may be, there is no way to escape the effects of the environment we live in. Therefore it is beneficial to have ongoing periodic cleanses to maintain a healthy balance and prevent disease.



Ionic Footbath Package...………………...………$140.00

(Four sessions)

With infrared dome & chi machine…….…....$165.00

Single Ionic Footbath Session……………………..$40.00

With infrared dome & chi machine….…........$50.00

*Prices are before GST


Chi Machine: The chi machine rocks back and forth, gently moving the body in a figure eight motion. This motion helps promote oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and circulation throughout the entire body.

Infrared Dome: The infrared dome is placed over the client’s body. Not only is the infrared dome warm and relaxing, it helps start the detoxification process by improving lymphatic flow and blood circulation.

More on the Chi & Infrared Dome coming soon!



Although the Ionic footbath is a safe and natural way to cleanse toxins from the body, there are some contradictions:

Persons with pacemakers or battery-operated/electrical implants

Persons on heart regulating medication

Persons with epilepsy

Persons with Type I Diabetes

Persons that have recently had an organ transplanted or removed

Pregnant women/breast feeding mothers

People with open wounds on their feet


The ionic footbath is safe for individual that may be on medication, however it is recommended to consume the medication four to six hours before or after the ionic cleanse. People with low blood pressure should eat before an ionic footbath session. Children four years of age and up can also benefit from ionic detoxification, for a 15minute session. It is best to remove watches and cell phones during the footbath session.