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During the 1940s in Germany, Reinhold Voll studied Western medicine and Chinese Acupuncture and graduated as a medical Doctor. It is an ancient Chinese concept that the energy in the body called Chi circulates through 12 main energetic pathways referred to as meridians. These meridian pathways connect to the organ systems and tissues. Blockage of energy in any of the meridians causes system imbalance and predisposes the body to disease. Dr. Voll believed if the theory of acupuncture meridians developed by the Chinese was correct, that there should be a way to measure this energy. By the 1950s Dr. Voll had discovered a method that used an ohm meter that measures the electrical resistance and polarization of the acupuncture points on the skins surface. The central mapping points are located on the fingers and toes, and are directly correlated to specific organ systems. Dr. Voll collected over 20 years of clinical data, comparing readings of the meridians to western diagnosed diseases. By testing all the energy pathways to the major organ systems he achieved tremendous insight into the human body and how to identify areas of imbalance. Research concluded that on a scale ranging from 0 – 100, 50 is a perfectly balanced organ system, above 50 is over active and below 50 is under active. Today’s testing is the result of a 30 year evolution of Dr. Voll’s work that utilizes an advanced computer program, a touch probe, brass cylinder and a sensitive ohm meter. Clients are able to follow the graphical results via an audio and visual presentation on a computer monitor as the testing proceeds.


Electro-dermal Screening

The Avatar system is an electro-dermal screening (EDS) device which is used to evaluate the health of our clients. Although relatively new to Canada, this technique is well understood, accepted and widely used in many other countries including Germany, France and England. This innovative technology measures the life force energy flow which circulates through the 12 main energetic pathways. The meridian points that we measure are located on the hands and feet and correspond to specific organ systems. Electro-dermal screening provides the health practitioner with valuable information about a person’s physical and emotional health.   Areas tested include points related to the lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, and nervous systems. By testing the 48 acupuncture meridian points, we can determine imbalances and dysfunction in the body. We know a healthy baseline reading should be 50, just as we know your temperature should be 98.6° F. If the reading of your organs is lower than 50, they are weakened. If they are higher than 50, they are stressed. We can tell how stressed or weakened your system is by how far away from 50 the reading is. Blockages of energy in any meridians cause organ system imbalance and predispose the body to disease. EDS clearly identifies what internal and or external influences are affecting a persons health. These include organ dysfunction, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites), food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, chemicals, general toxicity, genetic predispositions, emotional and structural imbalances. The information obtained is used by the health practitioner to identify the possible causes of imbalances in your body.

Remedy Testing

Herbs have their own unique energy field, just as human beings have their own unique DNA. During the EDS evaluation the herbalist matches the specific herbal vibration to your particular energetic needs in order to rebalance the organ system back to 50. At Nature’s Healthy Balance we create customized liquid herbal tinctures specific to your individual needs from our selection of over 300 herbs. These superior quality custom remedies will help improve your state of health by detoxifying, nourishing, strengthening, repairing and revitalizing the energy flow to all of your organ systems. The results from your EDS test are saved in a computer database allowing a graphical comparison to the result of your next visit. This will show the improvements you have experienced through the use of your customized herbal formulas, as well as the implementation of any lifestyle adjustments recommended. If you are interested in achieving and maintaining optimal health and balance of the body, mind and spirit then we encourage you to try this exciting health program.