Jun-Jun  Jubei

D.N.M., B.Sc., Diploma Shiatsu Therapy

Nature's Healthy Balance Inc.

435 Oxford St.E

London, On

Canada N5Y 3H5

Specializing in Shiatsu Therapy & Anma Do Massage!

Phone: 519-451-6556

E-mail: jenny@natureshealthybalance.com

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Nature's Healthy Balance Inc.


Shiatsu: There are many definitions of Shiatsu and so many forms of its application. The literal translation of Shiatsu is ‘finger pressure.’ Different forms of pressure are applied to the body by the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees, and feet. Varying pressure is slowly applied to specific points along the body's energy pathways, or meridians, inducing a state of relaxation wherein the body's natural healing mechanisms operate more freely.


Anma Do Massage is traditional Japanese bodywork that applies traditional forms of techniques in stretching, kneading, rubbing, cupping , etc. Literally translated, it means ‘tonification’ and ‘sedation’. 


Jun Jun’s treatment is a unique combination of Shiatsu and Anma Do massage targeting each clients needs.


What is Treatable?

Many ailments and illnesses are treatable.

Some examples are:

¨ Back & Neck Pain    

¨ Headaches & Migraines

¨ Digestive Problems

¨ Sleep Disturbances & Imbalances

¨ Circulatory Conditions

¨ Reproductive Ailments

¨ Work & Sport Injuries

¨ Psychological/Chemical Illnesses

              and many other conditions


What is to be expected?

After the treatment many people feel relieved of their aches and pains, have an increased range of motion, feel very relaxed and in a state of ‘sleepiness,’ and still many others have stated that they feel ‘high’ and are able to conquer the world.


One Hour Treatment: $60 plus GST